The Basic Facts Of Premises Liability

When you are on property that belongs to someone else, a person or a company, you have a certain expectation that it should be safe. It is reasonable to assume that your grocery store, for example, does not have slippery floors. When you are hurt because of obvious hazards on another person's property, you can be compensated.

Ryan R. Smith Law Offices helps Pennsylvanians with their injury claims so that they can move on with their lives. Premises liability is complicated, but you do not need to be a lawyer to understand when you may have a claim. This basic guide will help you understand some important aspects of premises liability before you get injured.

Absolute Duty

Businesses have an absolute duty to keep their premises safe. If you are injured because of a hazard in a private business open to the public, then you have a right to compensation. The duty to keep a place of business free from danger is a reasonable expectation, and failure to do so is negligence.

Where Do These Protections Apply?

If you are injured on someone else's property by a hazard that should have been taken care of, or marked as hazardous, then the owner of that property can be liable. That applies to instances such as:

  • Slipping and falling in a hotel hallway, that was not marked after mopping
  • Having an improperly installed piece of equipment fall on you in an office building
  • Visiting someone's home and tripping in an unmarked ditch in their yard

Am I Entitled To Compensation For My Injury?

For the most part, yes, if you were invited onto a property and were injured because of negligence to keep the premises safe, then you can be compensated. In some instances, if you are the victim of a crime on a college campus, the college may even be liable.

An Attorney To Answer Your Complicated Questions

This guide is only a starting point. If you were injured while on the premises of another person or business, contact us to learn more about your legal rights. You may call our Pittsburgh office at 412-567-9061, or you may reach us by email through our contact form.