The Mental And Physical Toll Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Being injured in a car accident can devastate your life in many ways. You may receive injuries that impede your mobility, and your work may suffer. When your work suffers, you may lose out on many opportunities. Losing out on opportunities leads to psychological effects that can be as painful or more painful than what you experienced in the hospital. You want an auto accident attorney that empathizes with what you have been through.

Ryan R. Smith Law Offices has experience on both sides of insurance litigation. We know that oftentimes a common tactic for defense in a personal injury case is minimizing your psychological anguish. Your pain, emotional and physical, matters. You deserve to be compensated for what you have been through.

How We Will Pursue Your Needs

Our law firm believes that understanding the full circumstances of what you have been through makes a real difference to your case. You may have survived a violent vehicle collision and fully recovered physically, but you may have extreme anxiety about getting into a car now. The emotional pain is as important as the physical pain and you deserve compensation if you have:

  • Physical injuries that cause you pain
  • A permanent disability from a crash and unable to work
  • Strong anxiety when it comes to driving.

Your accident altered your perception; your car, once a refuge, may no longer feel safe. The negligence and distractions of others changed so much for you. By telling us your side, we will be able to paint a picture of your new circumstances. You are the most important building block in your case and we will make sure that your story is told.

Protecting Pennsylvania Car Accident Victims

You have rights when it comes to compensation and negligence in your car accident. Our firm will build a case around you and your circumstances to get you what you deserve. Call our Pittsburgh office today for a free initial consultation with a lawyer dedicated to you on your motor vehicle accident. Our number is 412-567-9061, or you may reach us by email through our contact form.