The Strength To Fight For You

All accidents are painful, but when you are in a collision with a commercial vehicle, however, the stakes change dramatically. Shipping companies or commercial transporters are often large companies able to hire expensive law firms. Being confronted by a large firm can be intimidating and discouraging, but you will not be alone. Ryan R. Smith Law Offices will not back down from your case.

Your injury and how you have been affected by it, matters. Your quality of life is not any less important than that of anyone else in Pennsylvania. We will level the playing field and aggressively protect your rights against all comers. You may think a large firm is intimidating, but a lawyer armed with your story and with your best interests guiding them, will be able to get you the compensation you deserve.

Commercial Negligence

Commercial trucking, shipping and transportation are huge industries, moving goods and people across the country. The shipping lanes of Pennsylvania are full of truckers, and they are part of the livelihood of the state. At the same time, vehicle operators have their limits, and those limits lead to accidents when:

  • Overworked truckers fall asleep at the wheel
  • Frustrated long-haul drivers lose focus on difficult turns
  • Newly trained drivers do not have the experience to drive safely

The size and weight of a commercial truck means you are at the mercy of the drivers. If you were to be involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler, your car could be completely totaled and you may sustain injuries that require months or even years of recovery. Broken bones, psychological trauma and traumatic brain injuries are common and they demand compensation.

Unintimidated By The Opposition

You do not have to accept the pain of your situation. Ryan R. Smith Law Offices are not intimidated by the circumstances you are facing. We know you have a right and we will fight to get what you deserve. Contact out Pittsburgh office today for a free initial consultation with an attorney dedicated to your needs. Our number is 412-567-9061, or you may reach us by email through our contact form.