Personalized Attention In Personal Injury

At Ryan R. Smith Law Offices, every client we take on becomes a personal mission for us. We focus all of our attention on who you are and what has happened to you. Your life will be the basic building block of our case and the better we know you, the stronger our attorney/client relationship is, the stronger your case becomes.

Our firm takes pride in paying personal attention to our clients. We want to learn from you about your injury and the struggles you have had to endure because of it. You can trust our firm to keep your goals at the center of our work.

For some specific answers to personal injury questions, visit our frequently asked questions page.

Building Your Case Around You

There are many things that you can learn from our free initial consultation, but the most important part of our process is coming to your home. Seeing you at home and the impacts that your injury have had on your daily life will help us build the best possible case for you.

Each case is unique. Every person has their own circumstance, their own injury, specific recovery times and challenges to their daily life. The goal of this home visit is determining the many ways that the negligence of others has hampered your daily life. Every injury has a unique challenge, so contact us if:

  • You were in a car accident while the other driver was distracted
  • You were bitten by a dog that was off its leash
  • You slipped and fell on someone's unshoveled sidewalk
  • You received an injury from a product malfunction

We craft a case that is centered on how your injury has made your life difficult and fight to get you the compensation you need.

Experience That Directly Benefits You

Ryan Smith's personal history as an insurance defense lawyer allows him to know exactly how to pursue personal injuries and how to attack the flaws in the defendant's case. Our mission is to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Contact us today for a free initial consultation at our Pittsburgh office, by calling 412-567-9061, or email us from our contact form.