Do Not Suffer Because Of Painful Medical Mistakes

Sometimes you cannot avoid getting injured or sick. We rely on the medical professionals in our hospitals and ambulances to save our lives and help us get back to work. When you suffer a mistake at the hands of a medical provider the consequences are terrifying and life-threatening.

Ryan R. Smith Law Offices wants to protect you from the aftermath of a medical mistake. You may be unable to work or your quality of life has changed, all because of someone's negligence in trying to help you. One of the first conversations you will have with your lawyer will be to educate you on your rights in Pennsylvania when you are injured while seeking medical treatment.

Empathy For Your Situation

When you are a client of Ryan R. Smith Law Offices, we take a personal interest in seeing what you have been through. We come to your home and learn your story. We find out what happened to you and how your treatment has made your life worse.

It's understandable if you feel guilt for wanting compensation for medical malpractice. It's possible that your life was even saved. But your quality of life matters, too. If you were injured during treatment you should be compensated for your situation. This includes situations such as:

  • Having a medical device left in you after surgery
  • Being lied to about the procedures you need to have
  • Sustaining unnecessary trauma during a medical intervention

When you go to the hospital or see your doctor, you place your life in their hands and you want to be able to trust them. When that trust is violated, by accident or willful negligence, then you do not need to suffer.

Protecting Your Health In Court

We will hold the hospitals accountable for your injury. Your story and your injury are the foundation of our case on your behalf. Get a free initial consultation from an attorney dedicated to you by calling our Pittsburgh office at 412-567-9061, or you may reach us by email through our contact form.