The Costs Of Criminal Charges

Criminal charges have many impacts on your life. From the social, to the emotional to the financial, you want to keep your life from being taken over by the allegations facing you. At Ryan R. Smith Law Offices, we work with you; we want to know what your highest priority is so we can set goals to protect it. As part of our process, we consider the many costs associated with your criminal case.

Social Costs

Pennsylvania is a large state, but we are, by and large, built around our neighborhoods and communities. People speak to each other and know what is happening in their lives. Whether you're being charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, you want to be able to keep your private life, private.

Liberty Costs

You may face jail time as a result of your criminal case. Keeping you free from prison is likely a very high priority. Knowing how you should approach interactions with law enforcement and how to present yourself to get the best chance to avoid jail time is something that can be planned for. We can use our familiarity with the court systems you face to help build a plan to protect your freedom.

Emotional Costs

DUIs, assault, drug charges and even traffic tickets can result in a heavy emotional burden. There is uncertainty and anxiety that piles up when you do not know how your case is going to go. Having a lawyer who cares about you and your priorities eases your anxiousness through education and empathy.

Financial Costs

Your charges will cost you money, either through fines or missed working opportunities. Having a complete understanding of the manner your charges will affect your bottom line financially, is going to be necessary to your decision-making process. You do not want to face charges without a plan for how you will afford them.

An Attorney Who Keeps An Eye On All Your Costs

At Ryan R. Smith Law Offices, we offer a free consultation to all clients so that we can go over the cost associated with your criminal charges. Contact our Pittsburgh office today at 412-567-9061, or use the contact form.