It All Adds Up

Pennsylvania is a big state, with a lot of roads, so there is a lot of room to get in trouble. Handling a traffic ticket might seem like something you may not need a lawyer to handle, but keep in mind, your violation may be more complex than you first think.

At the Ryan R. Smith Law Offices, we want to handle your traffic violations so that you do not have to. Traffic violations, in general, are some of the most defensible infractions. You do not want to leave it to chance to sort out your tickets if your livelihood is in any way dependent on your ability to drive.

Why Traffic Violations Become A Problem

Pennsylvania's traffic laws are complex and designed to cover all the many types of drivers that come through on any sort of business. Commercial trucking, cross country travelers and residents all use the same roads and things get complicated. We can resolve the complications of the traffic violations you face such as:

  • Overweight commercial vehicles
  • Licensing and operating concerns
  • Speeding
  • Careless and reckless driving

One traffic stop can typically be coupled with multiple violations, and those tickets can add up to a lot of money. In addition to the fines, there may be court requirements, and that could force you to miss work. Not to mention many infractions would place your license and ability to drive at risk.

A Roadmap For Success

Finding an attorney who will take on the hassle and challenges of your traffic problems is about understanding what you can and cannot handle and what you are not willing to handle. We will be able to take this charge off your plate so you can get back to what matters most to you. Call our Pittsburgh office for a free initial consultation at 412-567-9061, or use the contact form.