Narcotics, Driving And Your Rights

In Pennsylvania, driving under the influence (DUI) laws have been tiered in order to focus on treatment over punishment. The laws are focused on blood alcohol content (BAC) levels and number of arrests, but if you are driving under the influence of a controlled substance, none of that matters. You will be targeted for the highest tier of penalties for a DUI under Pennsylvania law.

Ryan R. Smith Law Offices want to work with you in order to build a defense against your charge. Being arrested for a DUI of controlled substances is a low point in your life. Whether you have had problems with drug charges in the past or if this is your first one, you want an empathetic attorney who will fight for you.

The Possible Sentences

Controlled substance DUIs are automatically placed into the highest tier of DUI offense, with those who refuse breathalyzers and those with BACs over .16 percent. The law looks at your priors in regards to DUIs to determine your possible sentencing options which include:

  • Fines: Starting at $1000 for first-time offenses and maxing out at $10,000 for those with two or more prior DUIs.
  • Prison time: 72 hours to six months for your first offense. Two or more offenses carry one to five years of prison.
  • License suspension: 12-18 months of license suspension for all DUI offenses.
  • Alternative programs: All offenses have treatment and highway safety school requirements.
  • Ignition locking: For second offenses and beyond, your car will be fitted with an ignition lock to test your BAC before you drive.

These sentences are a huge impediment to your future and your bottom line. Facing them is frightening, but when you have attorney Ryan Smith managing your defense, you can begin to put away some of your anxiety.

Empathy And Personal Commitment

We want to help manage the challenges you are facing. Driving under the influence of controlled substances is not a charge to take lightly. Knowing that your lawyer is dedicated to protecting you is a special kind of relief. Contact us today at our Pittsburgh office by calling at 412-567-9061, or use the contact form to schedule a free consultation.